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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a couple questions? Here you'll find the answers.

Ordering Questions

Q: How long will it take to receive the software once ordered?
A: Upon purchase you will be able to download the software immediately.

Q: Is my credit card info safe as I order online?
A: Yes, we have a completely secure merchant account system that automatically checks your credit card number and deposits the money into our bank account without anyone even seeing your credit card number or information. So it's completely secure.

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Compatability Questions

Q: What computer programs do I need to run the software?
A: The software is currently available in Microsoft Word & Excel, so you will need both of those programs to run the software.

Q: What version of the Word & Excel do I need?
A: The software is compatable with the 95, 97, 2000, and more recent versions of Word & Excel.

Q: What if I download the software and it doesn't work on my computer?
A: You can do one of two things, go to and get a more recent version of Word or Excel (1995 or later), or you can email us for a refund.

General Spreadsheet Questions

Q: How do I customize the categories to fix my own needs?
A: You can just type in any categories that you would like, but any time you change categories, you'd have to change them on each tab, which can be a difficult and time consuming project. We've designed the software to meet the needs of a broad range of individuals and families, but if you want different categories, you can change them yourself, but if it messes up your spreadsheet, we are not responsible for fixing it. We will email you a new one, but are not customizing them for people.

Q: What do I do if I'm having difficulty with the software?
A: When you open the software, you can click on the Intro tab that gives instructions, tips, and explanations for each category. The answer you are looking for may be there, and if it's not, you can email us to ask any questions.

Q: If I try to print the spreadsheet and it doesn't come out on my page right?
A: The software sheets have been set up to print on one page per month. If you'd like the print to be larger, then click on "File" then "Page setup". Then click on the buttom "Adjust to..." so that the "Fit to page" buttom is not selected. Then you can adjust it to print larger if you'd like. You can also change around the margins in this area so that the data will fit better on your pages. To do this, click on the Margins tab to change them. You can preview what it would look like if you click File. Then click Print Preview. If it looks the way you want, click Print. If the clarity of the printed page isn’t very good (especially in the gray cells), you should print it in a higher quality version. You can do this by clicking File, then Print, then Properties. And within that area, you should be able to change around the settings for your printer to make it come out clearer.

Q: What if I input my information and there is a bunch of number signs (#######) in the cell?
A: The cell width needs to be widened. It should do this automatically, but if it doesn’t, then you can do it manually by putting your mouse between the letters at the top of the spreadsheet and moving the line out. For example, if you want to make column B wider, then put your mouse on the line between column B and C and move it to the right and the number signs should become actual numbers and it should be fixed.

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