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Welcome to the Marketing section of our Free Resource Center. The following marketing strategies are for business looking to market on the Internet. We've done the research and have come up with our 15 Marketing Tactics - the most effective methods of marketing on the Internet.

1. Search Engines

Internet surfers find websites through the search engines than through all the other methods combined. There are three main methods of standard search engine registration: Initial launch with, register to Yahoo and other directories, and register monthly to the top search engines individually using

2. Pay-per-click Search Engines

Bid for your ranking on a particular keyword phrase. The higher you bid, the higher up on the list they will rank you. You can control your rankings and make your site more visible on the search engines, which will bring more traffic to your website. This is one of the most effective marketing tactics because it's guaranteed traffic.The most popular pay-per-click search engine is also has a pay-per-click service called their AdWords Select program.

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3. Reciprocal Links

Probably the most effective low-cost method of marketing a website. Find complementary sites to your website and offer to exchange links or ads with them.Place these links or ads on a Related Links page on your website

4. Email advertising

Targeted email lists of individuals that have expressed interest in your products or services. Email special offers and ads to these individuals. Using autoresponders or pop-up windows to capture a database of potential customers; creating your own opt-in email list. Get a free autoresponder at Get a pop-up window designed at

5. Ezines

Ads placed in online newsletters that will promote your business. Find newsletters focusing on your target market.

6. Banners

Banner help with name recognition or branding as well as increase traffic to a website. You can place banners online through purchasing impressions, banner exchanging, and targeted banner placement on the search engines. The key to an effective banner is its headline.

7. Sponsors & Affiliates

Find larger companies or organizations that will sponsor you website. The sponsor pays you a certain amount each month in return for you placing a banner or link on your site. Sign-up with affiliate programs that will bring in extra income to your site.

8. Online Auctions

Use and other auction areas to promote your products. Utilizing auctions allows you to bring qualified leads to your site by linking your website to the auction listing.

9. Press Releases

Articles that announce the launching of your website. Steps involved in writing and submitting a press release: Research, write, and submit.

10. Gateway Pages

Free websites that will allow for greater visibility with the search engines. These pages link to your original homepage. You can set these up on free websites on the Internet like

11. Webrings

A collection of websites that have organized themselves into a circle. Each site in the ring displays a webring navigator that links it to the next site in the ring. is the largest collection of webrings on the Internet.

12. Online Classified Ads

Draft classified ads that can be placed in both free and fee classified ad networks. The key is to form a good headline, and then circulate many ads in different classified ad categories on a weekly basis.

13. Usenet

Newsgroups and Chat-rooms - online conversation areas. Apply schizophrenic marketing to target potential customers in the usenet areas.

14. Unique Marketing Websites

Sites that don't fall under any of the categories that have been listed. is an example that is a cross between a search engine and opt-in email.

15. Offline Marketing

Do not forget about advertising to your local market, this is done through offline marketing strategies. Word of mouth, newspapers, magazines, radio ads, business cards, flyers, etc. The key to offline marketing is to get your website address on everything.

Good websites for Internet Marketing:

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