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Related Links

Welcome to our Related Links page. Feel free to browse around the sites listed below. Also, if you'd like to add your link to our website, we'd be willing to trade with you as long as your site is approved (no pornography or hate sites).

Trading links is one of the most effective marketing strategies on the Internet for the following reasons:

  • Many Internet surfers find sites through linking, so having your link on other websites will bring visitors to your site.
  • An effective links page will bring visitors back to your site because they will want to see the new links that you've added.
  • The search engines will rank pages higher if you are linking to other sites on the web as well if sites are linking in to you - called link popularity.

If you are interested in trading links with us, email us the following information:

  • The name of your website.
  • A brief description of your site (10-20 words long).
  • The URL address for the page to be linked to.

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The following is an example:

  • Personal finance and accounting software for budgeting and book keeping.

Financial Links
Yahoo Finance - The most popular finance website on the entire Internet. Look up financial statements, company info, and more for any public company as well as track your portfolio.
The Motley Fool - Here at you can track your portfolio, read great tips on begining investing, and much more.
MSN's Money Central - Tons of great info on investing, banking, financial planning, and taxes. - Good info for anyone that doesn't like to plan financially. Lot of great tips and a free newsletter. - A national, nonprofit organization offering free debt management and educational programs that help financially distressed families and individuals effectively manage their finances.

Budgeting Links
Budget Central - Great budgeting tips and info for beginners to experts.
The Dollar Stretcher - Lots of good tips and ideas for getting the most out of your money money.
Money Master - Tips to making budgeting cuts - reducing expenses. - Many other good budgeting links. - Tips for creating a wedding budget.

Spreadsheet Links - Tips on using Excel for the advanced.

General Business Links - A great all encompassing resource to assist in small to large business planning - for both online businesses as well as traditional businesses.
Business 2.0 - Has one of the best Internet businesses magazines available with many of their articles and insites online at their website. - Looking for Internet statistics and demographic research? eMarketer will have them. - Have you ever wondered where top CEO's go to get their news and updates? CEO Express is the place. - Microsoft's online resource for Internet businesses.'s Internet Startup Workshop - Good info and tips for Internet businesses.'s small business section - Hundred of great articles and links for the small business owner. - Good info and tips for all types of business, from startups to exit strategies. - Good info from the Small Business Admistration on starting a business.

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