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Business Plan: Demo - Details


Wondering how the Traditional Business Plan works and all the details of the software? Here we'll walk you through the process step by step and show you what the software entails.

1. Add your logo & personal info to the Title Page & Confidentiality Agreement.

confidentiality agreement
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2. Write the body text for the Body section of your business plan.

3. Input graphs & charts to your business plan Body section.

body section
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graphs and charts
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4. Adjust the page numbers & info on the Table of Contents document.

5. Project your revenue and expenses into the financial statement

table of contents
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financial statements
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6. Input your info into the organizational chart and insert it into the Body section.

7. Print the business plan and get it professionally bound.

organizational chart
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To add to the professionalism of your business plan you will want to have it printed in color and professionally bound at Kinko's or somewhere like that.


  • Microsoft Word & Excel: 95 version or more recent
  • Windows 95 or more recent


The following is an overall outline of an effective business plan for an company. Our Business Plan Software goes into extensive detail on each element of the following outline. We also provide many tools and resources to help with your business plan writing - like pro forma financial statements, graphs, orgainzational charts, website navigation outlines, links to online articles and resources, and much more.

I. Introductory parts

  • Cover Page – Name, business name, company logo, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and date.
  • Table of Contents – Make sure all the pages are numbered, and include pages for sub-heading as well.
  • Executive Summary – Gives a snapshot of your business: what your purpose is, market potential, financial projections, etc. The different sections to the executive summary that you’ll want to include are the following:
    • Purpose of the plan
    • Business Description
    • Market Analysis
    • Development and Production
    • Marketing Activities
    • Management Team
    • Financial Data
    • Final Objective and Risks

II. Business Description – The overall mission and vision of your company is outlined here. Also included is information how your company will function and run. The points to include in this section are the following:

  • Industry Overview
  • Mission & Vision Statements
  • Company Description
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Overall Strategy

III. Market Analysis – Gives detailed information about the demographics (characteristics) of your potential customers; it also gives industry trends and info about your competition. The sections of the market analysis are the following:

  • Industry Description
  • Target Markets
  • Current Demand
  • Competition
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Penetration Strategies

IV. Development and Production – Discusses details of development specifics such as who may be supplying your product, how it will be shipped, etc. The points to include in this section are the following:

  • Development Status
  • Production Process
  • Labor Requirements
  • Start-up Costs

V. Marketing Activities – A business without a clear marketing plan with concise goals and checkpoints will most-likely fail within the first year. Here you will outline the specific strategies you'll be applying as well as sales projections. The different parts to the marketing and sales activities area are the following:

  • Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Specific Marketing Tactics
  • Sales and Traffic Projections

VI. Management Team – The management team is the most important element of a business plan if you are looking for money from investors. In this section, include the following:

  • Organizational Chart and Description
  • Key Managers
  • Legal Structure
  • Owners
  • Board of Directors
  • Support Services

VII. Financial Data – This section will back up your goals and plans with specific numbers. You will include information and spreadsheets giving detailed reporting from everything from start-up costs to net income. The necessary financial data to include is the following:

  • Funds Required and Uses: Initial and Projected
  • Funds Requested and Return for Investors
  • Break-even analysis
  • Prospective Financial Data
  • Income Statements
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow Statements

VIII. Final Objective and Risks – This section outlines what the end result of the business will be and the specific risks involved.

  • Final Objective
  • Risks

IX. Appendix - This section will include additional information not includes throughout the plan, like financial statements and market research.

  • Business Layout
  • Organizational Chart
  • Resumes of Owners & Managers
  • Financial Statements


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